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Face Primer

KOST Face and Eyes Smoothing Primer
-16 %
Base for smoothing and levelling make-up on which to apply foundation and bronzer.Minimizes wrinkees, pores and imperfections, creating a smooth and velvety skin effect.Improves the make-up hold of your foundation, leaving a long-lasting flawless effect during the dayQuantity: 25 mlPAO: 12MHYPOALLER..
7.50€ 8.90€
KOST Invisible Touch KOST Invisible Touch
-11 % Terminato
HOW TO USE PRIMER: Apply on the bare skin of the face, for a smoothing effect, which uniforms the complexion, without modifying the shade.INVISIBLE TOUCH APPLICATION: Last touch that blends with the base without channing its colour. it mattifies and fixes the make-up, making it long-lasting. Qu..
8.50€ 9.50€
KOST Light Me Up Radiant Primer KOST Light Me Up Radiant Primer
-23 %
Illuminating face base.It gives the complexion a natural light by highlighting the volumes that will later be highlighted by the make-up.Moisturizing and simple in the application, recommended for those who notice a dull complexion or simply love a glow effect. PAO: 12MHYPOALLERGENICINCIAQUA, C..
9.90€ 12.90€
KOST Primer Nude KOST Primer Nude
-16 %
Lightweight filler ideal for fading little deep wrinkees and to attenuate the most marked ones.The touch is silky and delicate.The mattifying effect is instant.The new silicone free formula permits a daily use that progressively reduces the deeper wrinkees.Effectively reduces all signs of aging, rev..
7.50€ 8.90€
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